I am Lead UX/UI designer with over 18 years experience and wide cross-curricular competencies focused on problem-solving and gathering both qualitative & quantitative data. I usually work directly with product owners, developers, and other UX/UI designers during user centered design processes (UCD).


UCD Methodology


Helps people understand, rather than simply assume, what the problem is. It involves speaking to and spending time with people who are affected by the issues.


The insight gathered from the discovery phase can help you to define the challenge in a different way.


Encourages people to give different answers to the clearly defined problem, seeking inspiration from elsewhere and co-designing with a range of different people.


Involves testing out different solutions at small-scale, rejecting those that will not work and improving the ones that will.

A UX Designer’s Code of Ethics

By choosing to be a designer I'm choosing to impact the people who come in contact with my work, I can either help or hurt them with my actions. The effect of what you put into the fabric of society should always be a key consideration in my work. Every human being on this planet is obligated to do our best to leave this planet in better shape than we found it. Designers don’t get to opt out. I always follow these code of ethics.

A designer is responsible for the work they put into the world.


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