Short History

I am Senior UX/UI designer with over 15 years experience and wide cross-curricular competencies focused on problem-solving and gathering both qualitative & quantitative data. I usually work directly with product owners, developers, and other UX/UI designers during user centered design processes (UCD).


Proffesional skills
  • Evangelizing UX teams
  • UX Research and analysis
  • Personas + User Journeys
  • User testing
  • Facilitating UX workshops
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Responsive design
  • Product strategy
  • User interface design
  • Agile / Scrum Experience
Personal skills
  • Motivated
  • Problem solver
  • Self starter
  • Team player
  • Fast learner
  • Good communicator
  • Empathic
  • Leader
Main tools
  • Sketch
  • Axure RP
  • Adobe CS
  • Invision
  • Flinto
  • Principle
  • Jira

About me

I began my graphic design career path in a deuche telekom filial, , when I discovered my appreciation for its geometric precision and quality that differentiate the medium from the fine arts. I created vector illustrations, webs and banners that were aesthetically pleasing, but I always wondered if design could be used as a service to make greater impact based on unbiased opinion instead based on creative lead criteria. After a long period working as UI designer, I realized that design is a universal problem-solving process that goes beyond aesthetics, and involves more complex considerations of visual communication.

As a designer, I aspire to transform intangible concepts into memorable, yet meaningful visual systems and user experiences. I am passionate about integrating interdisciplinary aspects of human-centered design by creating engaging stories and providing consultancy with a people-first mentality. I expanded my interest in learning within the fields psychology, data analysis, and nuuro-sales studies that continue to aid my approach in understanding the contexts I'm designing for. With every learning opportunity, I strive to improve and adapt to new knowledge to fully experience design's multidisciplinary culture. I have worked in different sectors; ecommerce, fintech, betting, videogames, travels.

I love work on Agile in addition I usually have a direct relation with product owners, developers, and other designers during the user centered- design process. I think the communication is the angular base to build a project and create workshops and any tool or methodology that embrace this goal is the best to have a sucessful project. Evangelize the UXAlliance methodologies that I have adopted is one of the most important goal in my professional career thus help to different company teams.


ux certification


The UXalliance

It's a global network connecting 25 worldwide leading independent User Experience (UX) companies. They offer differents certification levels to UX designers. I have become the 630 member who have the 3th level.


UX Researcher

Advanced UX research certification by UX Learn. Establish qualitative and quantitative indicators of UX monitoring for digital projects, analyzing the impact of UX on the business. February, 2019



Neuromarketing and Neurosales by BiiaLab USA

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Short resume

Here are some of my last experiences:

  1. Freelance Senior UX Designer


    Currently working with the best salary on-demand company based in Mexico - New interface and website creating and APP solution for body measurement to have perfect fit clothes
    Genera Games - Video games helping to discover potential users

  2. Senior UX Designer at Virtuallylive


    Helped to the company adopt the UX methodologies to improve there videogames: user research, value proposition, wireframes, UX flowchart, user testing, and prototypes.

  3. Senior UX Designer at Lottoland


    Worked to evangelize UX with the PO's / Stakeholders generating a better UX dialog, better trusting relationship and creating workshops using UX toolset. • Drove testing and validation completed throughout design cycles are written up in a consumable way using templates provided, downloaded and analyzed outputs with clear recommendations for updates and changes. • Assisted with the design to CX, validation and development lifecycles, ensuring that groups of stakeholders and the UX team are kept informed about estimations, changes, and updates. • Daily working remotely with Gibraltar teams.

  4. Senior UX Designer at Atrapacredito


    Designed “personas”, make benchmarks, wireframes and ran user's testing. Facilitated the main bases for UI and integrated revisions with the development team and to offer a great experience 80% mobile visitors, I implemented a responsive framework.

  5. Lead UX/UI Designer at Actinver


    I started the project with Planet Media consultant and finish it as Actinver member. Spearheaded the UX/UI team. Ensured to create UX research, benchmarks, personas, users and stakeholder's interviews, user journeys, A/B testing. During the last phases with the development team, I delivered UI assets. We deploy one of the best electronic banking in Mexico. Up to 17.000 new users in the first year quarter after the redesign.


Are you a great company with awesome projects and you would hired me?
Or maybe you're a company that need some freelance services for boost their product or services and need Senior UX Designer with over 15 experienced years