Creating a smart management tool

Accenture is a leading global professional services company that helps the world's leading businesses, governments and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth and enhance citizen services—creating tangible value at speed and scale. In many cases develop his own company tools thanks to internal teams that work for the company.

Problem statement

Understanding the diverse needs of project managers, team members, and stakeholders is at the core of our design philosophy. Through meticulous user research and empathetic exploration, we will uncover pain points, challenges, and opportunities to create an tool to save time and can manage all the human resources implicated in a project more efficiently. By walking in the shoes of users, we gain insights that inform the creation of a seamless, intuitive tool that aligns with their workflows.

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    Jun 2021

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UX best practices reports

We research about the ux best practices before redesing the app to improve Personalization, Search and Navigation.Here are some pages as sample of the different reports that have been created for the projects

UI Design

Home personalization

Considering the previous report and the research that the team ran, we started to redesing the home page with personalizated content

The quest to acquire customers and keep them engaged has made personalized experience indispensable for any company’s communication strategy. We now expect personalized emails and ads almost everywhere, so the battle has shifted towards providing customers with personalized experience for every interaction they have with a company. Personalized experience is becoming the norm, not an option.
For everyone from product managers and owners to UX designers, UX researchers and marketers, creating personalized experience for users who interact with their products and services now poses one of the greatest challenges. In this report we’ll cover what you need to know about personalization and how it affects your work.

UI Design

Activity model Model

Is designed with you in mind, offering a comprehensive solution to empower projects management process.
In a fast-paced project, managing team's activities shouldn't be a challenge. Activity model empowers PMs with the tools they need to lead your team confidently, backed by proven strategies and customizable templates.

  • Filtering options:
    Navigating through project data has been improved.Intuitive filtering options allow you to quickly narrow down relevant information based on project parameters, team members, timelines, and more. We reduced information overload and targeted insights that matter most to you.
  • Thanks to data:
    We harness the power of previous successful projects. The platform intelligently retrieves data from past projects that achieved remarkable results. By leveraging insights from these successes, they'll be equipped with valuable knowledge to replicate effective strategies and optimize team activities.
  • Tailored templates for every need:
    The platform offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted templates that cater to various project management scenarios. From sprint planning to task allocation, each template is thoughtfully designed to address specific project stages, ensuring they have a head start in organizing their team's activities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration:
    Boost team collaboration with real-time updates and notifications. Keep everyone on the same page, whether it's task assignments, progress updates, or milestone achievements. With heightened transparency, PMs team's synergy will flourish.

Final Results

We embarked on a journey to enhance the usability of a project management tool tailored to the needs of product managers. Recognizing the pivotal role of user experience (UX) in driving success, we applied a holistic approach, leveraging best practices, rigorous research, and expert review to elevate the tool's functionality and user satisfaction.

This user-centric approach allowed us to identify areas of friction, bottlenecks, and missed opportunities within the tool's interface.
Guided by these insights, we initiated a collaborative process involving cross-functional teams of designers, developers, and product managers. Drawing from UX best practices, we employed information architecture to streamline the tool's navigation, ensuring that essential features were intuitively accessible. Through wireframing and prototyping, we visualized potential solutions, iterating on design concepts to refine the user journey.

Expert reviews from seasoned UX professionals brought fresh perspectives and insights, helping us align with industry standards and best-in-class user experiences. Their input, combined with data-driven decisions, fueled refinements that directly addressed the needs of product managers, enhancing efficiency and task completion rates.

The result was a transformed project management tool that resonated with its target audience. By incorporating feedback and insights, we delivered a more intuitive interface, simplified workflows, and improved task management. Product managers now enjoyed a seamless experience, translating to increased productivity and greater user satisfaction.