Actinver is a mexican financial group. His portfolio have services in investments, broker activities and investment funds. Grupo Actinver exceeds $53,000 million mexican pesos in the management of financial assets.




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We don't know our potential user, and we don't have the tools for analysis and we must started for scratch to rebuild the front and back end and be, at least, on the same level that our competitors in the market. How to start a project and divide it into different deliverables to take improving actions during different iterations.


Bechmark, Personas, User flow, Wireframes, User testing, Prototypes, UI

Analysis and benchmark

A benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which metrics may be compared or assessed. This provides a good idea around its purpose. This would be used as a point of reference for building.

This was the project start point, just a last transaction table
Figure 1. UX Benchmark

About the process

What was the Voice of the Business?

So first, we made a kick-off to bring to the UX team identify the stakeholders. The Ux team found two HIPPO inside the organization (highest paid person opinion), one of them was a director of electronic banking, and one of the biggest shareholder. I booked some interviews to discover the main insights and the result was that one of the main concern was given service to Premium Users. This kind of client were a special, they handle a lot of money all month in founds of investments and trading, it was the main source of earns for the business. In the other hand we have the client that had the normal needs, like transactional operation or consulting their accounts . The UX team had an advantage, all bank employees were customers too, and we can considerate their opinion, we had the full access to got some interviews and testing with a lot of real costumers.

What was the Voice of the Market?

To figured out the Voice Of the Market, we started to did a wide UX benchmark trying to understood better the “transactional world”. The UX team didn’t see only bank examples, our ambition was innovated and simplify concepts.

What was the Voice of the Customer?

We used to have between 12 and 20 person for the users interviews where we tried to validate the assumptions and share our results during the UX workshops. I used personas, value proposition and user journey, story mappings and other UX technics during the definition process and taking into account the previous discovered main insights


With common scenario’s in place, UX team were able to define detailed personas,using most popular own bank employes profiles that were user as well.

Person #1 Person #2
User needs

The growth of the population in Mexico with Internet access has made different business sectors seek to adapt their operations to an online plan. For some years now, the financial sector has promoted the use of digital tools that add value to their banking experience, but what are the habits of Internet banking users and why is it so important to talk about this topic?

Generation kids credit card lean kids credit card lean
Name and age group Carmen Díaz, 27-44 y.o. Luis Tinero, 45-67 y.o.



Civil status




3 sons

2 sons



Mexico city


Bachelor's degree

Master in economics


50.000 mxn

270.000 mxn

Banking Habits:

According to our study in Mexico, 39% of the population over 15 years old has access to banking services, with the payroll account (65%) being the most used financial product by users, followed by the savings account. (50%) and the credit card (40%).

The majority of these users use the online banking service at least once a month, and 30% do so because it is considered a very practical way to carry out banking operations. Likewise, 75% of the users who use banking services use it to check balances and movements, while 43% use it to make a bank transfer and 19% pay for their services.

Media Consumption

Also, the analysis indicates that 78% of these users use the Internet because they find a benefit in the ease and mobility of the means of access; In fact, the cell phone is the preferred device when connecting to the Internet.

Navigation on social networks (95%) is the main activity carried out by online banking users, followed by information searches (93%), checking email (91%), buying online (42%), banking by Internet (25%) and make online payments (17%).


This user has the basical interaction needs to made their usual operations, like paid a credit card, and the main services like gas,water and electricity. They early adopt app changes as long as usability is at least the same level as the competition

This user has always a relation with his bank personal assistance and the main role of them is facilitated all operations telephone via call. Is was very difficult to change this habits, this service is a must for this kind of costumer, but the most important point shows a clear and minimalistic interface to show their financial portfolio. They assume the app's changes slowly and have an early frustration maximizing remaining problems.

User Journey

During the user journeys one of the worst pain point were:
  • The migration from the old web to the new one
  • The sign of the new contract in the physical offices.
  • Enrolment process with token
  • Ensure some accounts privacy
Solution affects to other departaments

To ensure mitigate all these points the UX team have some interaction including other bank departments to aboard the client to reduce the stress and frustration. For example, we proposed that call center department made a call to booked a date for clients and then they visited the nearest offices to sign terms and conditions. For some special client, the clients were visited by a bank agent.

User Flow

Beta user flow

Beta version wireframes

The team can't even had a basic interface nor the new transactionality either analytical data with the old app, so we focused in obtain a MVP, minimum viable product.

Beta wireframes

Beta design version

The UX/UI team take this beta interface as the main base to improve the next one.

User flow alpha

After the first release, we decided moving forward to the next features and improve the quality level. Thanks to the metric and a basic design we were able to take more feedback from user and data analysis.

Figure 4. Beta task flow

Alpha version wireframes

We focused in obtain a improved version thanks to the ux efforts based on bank's user opionions and usability testing, we were able to improve this second release. We used this prototypes to ne sure that the interactions were correct, understandable with a short steps during each transaction.

Alpha design version

The UX/UI team took this alpha version and designed an awesome interface as a result of all the process ran previously

User testing

User testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. So I decided to use this technique in our app with this tasks:

Beta version Alpha version
Find the latest investiment portfolio info 2 4
Get direct access to main transactional functions 1 5
Understand latest transactions 3 5
Get instant support 1 5
Minimize transaction speed 3 4
Overall satisfaction 2 5
Adaptative access for devices 3 5
  1. Find the latest investiment portfolio info
  2. Get direct access to main transactional functions
  3. Transaction approval interactions.
  4. Understand latest transactions
  5. Get instant support
  6. Minimize transaction speed
  7. Overall satisfaction
  8. Adaptative access for devices

Final Hifi prototype

Date Jan, 2014 / May, 2016
Type Web apps, UX /UI design, Prototyping


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