Lottoland Hackathon 2019 "Alexa project"

During the annual Hackathon event, we meet diffferent departments as developers, PO's, marketing, BI and all were challenged to create new ideas and develop some functional prototypes. We decided moving forward with the Alexa lottery connectivitity.

Problem statement

  • Create a useful Alexa skill related to playing the lotto
  • Take advantage of the public move towards digital assistants (which definitely arenʼt going to become self aware and go all terminator on everyone)
  • Analyzed and facilitated customers most desirables features when they are playing lottery.

  • Date

    Ago, 2019

  • Client Name


  • Tools



Users personas

Types of users

Anonymous Users
  • What can we do to make it easier for everyone to play the lotto using Alexa?
  • What can we do to encourage players to play the lotto with Lottoland?
Linked Lottoland Account Users
  • What can we do to make playing the lotto with Lottoland effortless using Alexa?



The prototype

Anonymous Users
  • First we explored some possible applications for Lottoland/Alexa users
  • We used Value Proposition Canvas for Lottoland/Alexa to help ensure that a product or service is positioned around what the customer's features are most valueble
  • We created a demonstration Alexa script




  • Created a server to host the Alexa Servlet
  • Used the Alexa SDK
  • Proved the concept by implementing the basic use cases for anonymous users

Value proposition

Finding the best features to release


In the future

Our goal is to seamlessly connect users' Lottoland accounts with their Alexa accounts, enabling personalized services. Users will receive tailored results based on their previously purchased lotto lines and have the freedom to select and utilize their favorite numbers. With this integration, users can effortlessly and securely purchase lotto tickets through Lottoland using Alexa.