Enhancing the UX and UI of Lottoland Keno

My focus was on improving the user experience and user interface of Lottoland Keno, ensuring a seamless and intuitive platform for an enhanced lottery gaming experience

Problem statement

Revamping the Lottery Experience: With an outdated interface and user confusion, we aim to better understand user behaviors and expectations. Our goal is to enhance quality, overall satisfaction, emotion, and engagement, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable lottery experience.

  • Date

    Dec 2020

  • Client Name

    Mezura AI

  • Tools

    Sketch, Flinto, Overflow


Unlocking Customer Insights

In a large company, success lies in seeking customer input to avoid costly mistakes. Data reveals the 'what,' but research and direct interaction uncover the 'why' behind user behaviors. Discover sample questions in the following pages to empower everyone in conducting customer development and user research interviews.


How might we 30 min. workshop

How might we questions are short questions that launch brainstorms. HMWs fall out of your point-of-view statement or design principles as seeds for your ideation. Create a seed that is broad enough that there are a wide range of solutions but narrow enough that the team has some helpful boundaries. In this case we caollaborate with the PO's and a developer to gather the below information. .

User need to Needed Why + Insight


Play system bet

Play a wheel

Know all his lines combinations

Choose his manual numbers

Choose his random numbers


Increase the win chances

Increase the win chances reducing the stake and tier

Wish to know the total lines that he is playing

To know his number in each line

Save time

Understand his tradeoff between winning chances and potential return


  1. How we might provide to expert user a tool to increase the win chances reducing the stake and tier?
  2. How might we allow users to select their numbers to make more meaningful bets?
  3. How might we tell users where the results come from, so they gain more trust in the product?
  4. How might we allow users to play all possible combinations of numbers in any order to increase their chances of winning?
  5. How might we show users the prize of the selection so they know how much it will cost them?
  6. How might we allow users to edit the betslip to prevent mistakes?


Mobile user flows

I prioritize user experience by carefully curating the initial features showcased to users and mapping out the main user journey. I understand the significance of creating a seamless and intuitive experience from the start.

Our body measurement process is designed to eliminate any user friction, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. I provide audio and visual feedback throughout the measurement process, keeping users informed about their progress and ensuring accurate measurements.

By focusing on feature presentation and optimizing the body measurement process, Mezura aims to deliver a user-centric experience that enhances customer satisfaction and confidence in the online fashion shopping journey.

UI Design


Final Results

Translating Value to High-Fidelity: Building upon the approved design, we strive for maximum quality in the first high-fidelity (HIFI) version. With an established 8px grid, we review wireframe flows, conduct How Might We sessions, and consider stakeholder feedback and sociodemographic information to achieve superior design outcomes