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Improving the way that users want to buy and facilitating the fashion and trends discoverability





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5 months



We wanted to really understand the friction and pain points which shoppers face when shopping for clothes (online and in store), and more particularly women ages 18 to 50 which we saw as a potential initial target.


Research, Competitive analysis,User interveiews, Personas, User flows, Prototypes, User testing, Wireframes, UI Design


Pain points founded during the research can be mainly grouped into the following:

Will this specific item of clothing fit me perfectly?

  • What is my size for this specific item of clothing? (knowing size by brand is not enough,it needs to go to individual item level)
  • How will this item of clothing fit me specifically? (tight vs loose in specific areas, too short or too long, etc.)
  • What is the quality of this item? (texture, fabric, movement, flow, breathability, durability, etc.)

Will I feel satisfied with this purchase?

  • Is this item in style, is it what I am looking for and does it work with what I already own?
  • What is the price? (what can I afford, is it good value for money, prioritization, etc.)
  • Do I feel good about this purchase? (what is the environmental impact, do I need all these items, should I save money)
  • Will it be a good experience? (shipping issues and returns, dirty changing rooms, payment problems, over crowded shops, can’t see the tree from the woods, etc.)

While going to physical shops and trying on clothes can address some of these problems, and a hybrid online - brick and mortar system isn’t going away anytime soon, the online shopping experience can be dramatically improved. Mezura is in a unique place to become an important player in helping pioneer the future of fashion e-commerce.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive 1
Competitive 2
Competitive 3
Competitive 4

Getting to grips with the ins and outs of a UX competitor analysis can help us to know your market, product and goals better. We will also understand the competition, get actionable insights and boost to mezura brand.
With an almost limitless number of competitors out there all vying for attention, the heat is on to understand exactly what you are doing right (or wrong) to create an effortless user experience and a product that people enjoy using.

I added some report pages to provide an overview of what process I have done.

Surveys+Interviews = Personas

Based on knowledge we already have about our users, we focus our efforts on some personas that were deeply identified with technical issues. These personas helped us to concentrate our strategy in helping to solve their most important needs and pain points. They represent a significant share of our users. Users that want to solve problems by themselves with minimum effort and no stress.

Thanks to the previous users interviews and surveys we were able to create in this case I have create to Jane Petterson, that represent all the main insights from our users, and can provide to us easily a overall idea about goals, frustrations, scenarios, and personality.

The main wish of the users are represented in the persona's introducton:

“I would like to have a solution for online shopping where I can easily find my size for each clothes item, buy them at a reasonable price, and assure that they have a good quality. I would also like to get some trends recommendations that fit with my personal style”
Some audios from user interviews
Millenial Generation

User flow mobile 1/2

Defining what are the main features that we want to show at the begining of the user experience and defining the main user journey

User flow mobile 2/2

Creating the body measurement process trying to avoid any user friction during the process and providing visual feedback about the current measurement status.


UI Design

After some interations I deliver the final UI for the body measurement APP

First UI microinteractions definition

First draft of some microinteraction to show the basic patterns to follow during the first beta realease.


Soon the first version is will be released on the app stores and finally we will facilitate to the user their online shopping activities being more accurete and saving time, effort and a lot of moanyh for the associated companies. The most valueable feature comes with the big data and user clothes taste prediction which will help to the users to discover new trends and tastes.

Date Dec, 2020
Type UX design, UI design


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