Minu APP Design

Minu is the leading compensation and benefits platform, pioneers in the on-demand salary benefit in Mexico with the mission of improving the financial health of workers.

Through +30 benefits available in your App, employees can improve their quality of life, accessing financial, physical and mental health modules.
Understanding in deep the salary on-demand companies to enhance the best value proposition for minu .

Problem statement

Due to the differents product offered in the app I have differents personas with different pain paints and need. At the begoining I don't have a clear reference of the market competitors. To plan properly the next releases I had deep reasearch to have meaninful insights and create a solid UI.

  • Date

    September 2020

  • Client Name


  • Tools

    Figma, Mural, Overflow.io


Competitive analisys

I conduct thorough research on competitors within your sector worldwide, assessing their maturity levels and identifying key strengths and weaknesses. By understanding their pain points and gaining insights, I determine the essential features to release on our platform, attracting new users effectively.
Furthermore, I prioritize user testing by evaluating competitors' real app users. Through recorded sessions, I gather valuable feedback and reactions to enhance our app's usability and provide an exceptional user experience.
Stay ahead of the competition and optimize user engagement by leveraging our in-depth competitor analysis and user testing strategies. Contact us today to elevate your platform's performance and drive growth.



To understand the user need I segmentated our products audience using google analitics and validate some of the stakeholders assumptions. The product works well for some audiences but depending of the incomes I need to be accurate with the money that company can lend to user to dont boost radically the debt and avoid users that will stop being payed back.

I identified that B2B salary on demand user are more trustable because the companies are on charge of paying the debt to minu. However other models where companies delegate the payment responsability to the users increase the number of the unpayed loans.

In the research I should identify the oportunities to include features which are more desirable for user and increase the will of being part of the minu salary on-demand app, paying their loans and keep alll the advantages that app offers

Thanks to the surveys I are also able of validating the socio demographic information and ask to the users questions about their personalities to be ready to build in a better way personas thus is a valuable information to merge with compatitive analisys.


Empathy map

An empathy map is a simple, easy-to-digest visual that captures knowledge about a user’s behaviors and attitudes. It is a useful tool to helps teams better understand their users. Empathy mapping is a simple workshop activity that can be done with stakeholders, marketing and sales, product development, or creative teams to build empathy for end users. For teams involved in the design and engineering of products, services, or experiences, an empathy mapping session is a great exercise for groups to “get inside the heads” of users.

I gather information from different stakeholders to map pain points and insights (f.e customer support) in this way I are contriibuiting to have a better Voice of business


Personas, the reasons why I have differents users

After understanding much better the different users in minu platform and socio demographical infomation and thanks to all the information from the previuos research I are able to create a solid personas and have a really mice and useful approach to share with the rest of the organization. Marketing and product are the main stakeholders and who can handle this information to have a meaningul impact on campaings and product definition. I have 3 main personas:

  • B2B Users: which are the user that are provided by the company the minu salary on demand benefit
  • B2C users: sames as B2B but users are responsable of paying the debt
  • HR managers: who are going to evaluate if they want to add the minu benefit for all their employees are the first filter to pass to reach the final users

Discover + define

Value proposition canvas

UX tools and methods help converge on an integrated vision. A value proposition is meant to convince stakeholders, or customers that a company or its products or services are worthwhile. If the value proposition is weak or unconvincing it may be difficult to attract investment and consumer demand, that is why I merged all the research on this workshop, to identfy the oportunities, gain, gain creators, pains, pain relevers and finally new features with a priorization matrix

It's important to have stakeholders, developers designer and a sample of each departament for align all these visions and consider all points of views d to user to dont boost radically the debt and avoid users that will stop being payed back.

Customer profile - right side

Describes the customer segment that your product or service is meant for a breaking it down into their specific needs, want and paints

Value map - left side

Describes the features and benefits of a specific product or service in the business by breaking it down into solution experiences and pain releavers

USP - Unique Selling Proposition

You complete your USP when your value map meets your customer profile - when our product or services produce pain releavers, experiences and solutions that match one or more of our customer’s want needs and pains that are important for our customers


User Journey map

Journey maps are important in helping companies understand the channels their customers navigate. By examining these channels, a company can identify key strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement. The common benefits of using a journey map include:

  • Identifies navigation issues
  • Identifies barriers between customers and customer support
  • Identifies opportunities to increase user-friendly content
  • Identifies gaps within the customer experience

Basicallly I have mapped one of the most complicated user journey for B2C users to understand why user are not able to easily sign up and why the inbounce rate was so high. I realize that the 3th party integration was is conflict and I should have inmediatly solution for that. I also discovered many desirables features that user would like to have to have a better engagement with the app.
Thanks to these insights I are able to improve this specific journey, reduce frictions and boost usability.


Wireframes + User
flows for payment integration

Thanks to the previuos research I are able to support to product team to develop new feautures for the app. In this case I have a new payment integration where ser can easily pay any invoice like gas, electricity and main services from minu app

UI Design

UI + microinteractions

I can appreciate all team effort to have this minimalistic interace where I have removed all frictions and unnecesary elements to provide to the user an interface where he can easily perform the main app transactions.

UI Design

Wireframes + User flows + UI
for Onboarding

Onboading new clients always happen through HR for each company that would like to have minu benefits that why I simplified the sign up flow and studied all the pain points and previous usability issues to design new one with more consitency. So this is part of the product that have been designed along this projects.

UI Design


Final Results

With a bunch of vertical products develpmented and considering that I took a lot of quantitative and qualitative information and I have highlighted the value of the UX process. Minu it's a reference in salary on demand in Latin america, they achived the A found series and they have been rewarded thanks to app usability, also they have boots he number of users in the last years and its leading Mexico. The team grown a lot in terms of maturuty and evangelize to stakeholders to have the user centered design vision within the organization.