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SolBooking is a technological operator born by and for the tourism sector, with a clear focus on improving and optimizing online hotel reservations. I designed an native app for his clients taking account user profiles and tested the solution with users.





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Media research
Flows + Wireframes
UI Wireframes


2 months



Create a travel experience easy to use and the most and gain user trust.

  • Have a price advantage against and other market players.
  • Zero research budget. Obtain as much information from internet as possible.

As a traveller, I tried to predict potential users’ problems and behaviour. “What a new online travel company market can offer me?” and “Why should I trust in a relative new provider?”.


Media research, Personas, User flow, Wireframes Hi-Fi

Research & Analysis

There are still some general rules for creating good and easy-to-use forms.

  • Prepare departure and returning date. Include the current date as the departure date and the day after as the returning date as defaults to assist users who book on the go.
  • Use geolocation. By automatically identifying the departing point and currency, you’ll save a user’s time.
  • Offer an advanced search option. Allow customers with specific preferences to instantly filter search results by budget, type of stay (hotel or apartment), and the general type of vacation.



At the same time, we carry out an analysis of the competition to determine what the trends are within the sector, and what successes and mistakes our rivals are making.
Studies show that about 80 percent of e-commerce website visitors leave the booking page without finishing a transaction. It’s understandable, since the number of people who browse and compare is always bigger than those who buy right away. But don’t underestimate the extent to which badly executed search results affect a user’s experience

Here are some of the important tips to consider when providing comprehensive search results:

  • Allow for photo preview without having to leave the search. Customers tend to look through the pics before reading the description. That way they don’t have to click on the search results if they don’t like what they’ve seen.
  • Support easy editing. The search bar should stick to the top of the screen and always be available for editing.
  • To uncover which features your target audience will find of most value, start with testing. Generally, the most important things for hotel visitors are: location, price, dining options, unique experiences, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, helpful concierges (and what languages they speak), spa services and recreation.
  • Personalize search. You can either show users similar options to the ones they’ve already liked, or use machine learning to adjust relevant recommendations to different customer segments based on analysis of their behavior.
  • According to MDG, 67 percent of users find images very important in e-commerce, more than product descriptions and ratings. However, while most travel portals make liberal use of attractive pictures, they often ignore the latest trends in impactful representation that make the audience not only click on the pic, but also get immediately inspired to consider the query.


This allows us to focus on users needs

Personas Planner
personas familiar
Personas familiar

Wireframes + UX Flow

I started the design process with a flow and some medium fidelity wireframes however it has great interaction to help us represent an app future solution.

kids credit card lean canvas
Functional diagram
kids credit card lean canvas
Medium-Fi Wireframes

APP Hifi Wireframes

With all the information gathered we made the design of our final interface in high-fidelity.


With the info collected in the research phase, I decided to solve the lack of organization when traveling because it was one of the biggest users pain-point. I believe that with the app solution solved the problem in an easily and efficient way. It is important to collect data on how your customers travel in the future for a second phase iteration to improve much more the solution.

Date April, 2017
Type Mobile apps, UX/UI design


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