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Understanding the generations needs with deep research to provide the best racing games experience creating features based on that.





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Qualitative data analysis
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We don't know our potential players, how might we create an awesome mobile car game that embeds the generational value without friction? How might we merge the electronic car and sustainable future into our game? How might we create a social conscience about renewable energies and the positive impact?


Research, Personas, Workshop Value Proposition, User flow, Prototypes, User testing, Wireframes Hi-Fi


Millennial and Generation Z are the base of the potential customers for this game, we have studied customer segments games like Real Racing, CSR, ASPHALT and NEED FOR SPEED to identify what kind of player should be the earlier adopter for this racing game. So going deeper to know their need is a must to achieve the maximum number of early adopters.

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Generation Z
Millenial Generation

Based on knowledge we already have about our users, we focus our efforts on some personas that were deeply identified with technical issues. These personas helped us to concentrate our strategy in helping to solve their most important needs and pain points. They represent a significant share of our users. Users that want to solve problems by themselves with minimum effort and no stress.

To recap all the research information and provide to the stakeholders the main insights from the previous step we create personas. This is very useful document for marketing and other departaments to be more sensible about users needs.

Workshop Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool which can help ensure that a product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs.
The UX team, game design, developers and PO's spend some time defining the main features and prioritizing it. We clarify what of those matches with the users and are affordable in time. In the product and service row, we have the tags M1,M2 and M3 that refers to what Millestone is defined for those.

value proposition canvas
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value proposition canvas
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value proposition canvas
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value proposition canvas

User flow first version

This was the status of the project without any UX applied, this was the first analysis.

User flow second version

After a better undertanding of what features the studio will realease in previous workshops, the team created new flows for each functionality.

Prototypes first version

This was the first prototype to test. We assumptions that user wouldn't release the finger to navigate unless He want to select an action

Prototypes second version

This was the second prototype to test. We assumptions that user need a better context and we added icons however the way to select changed in this version, to validate wich mental model users had, and compare the results with the previous prototype.

User testing

We wrote an interview script for the users to validate the prototypes and we gathering quantitative and qualitative opinions based on the testing experience.


Wheel system can embed all

We can create a interactive element area to support different actions to provide more intuitive solution

Increases the user attention on this element to understand the full interface

We need icons

We are able to reduce the action just with gestures creating more context in the interactive area

Without a label the icons loose the meaning

Wireframes High fidelity

We have created this white board for the 3D artists to provide a clear vision about the interface and the elements, and micro interactions (creating complementary prototypes).


Virtuallylive studio had a clear vision about what direction follow with clear and unbiased information about users, features, trends and task prioritization. We learned about what users wanted and how the mentals model affects to interface and we discovered the path to improve a frictionless videogame. We discover what were the critical features for earlier adopter and prioritized them. We save time thanks to user testing discarting bad assumptions and considering the best ones. Thus we were able to create new features more suitable thanks to the results and game designer vision.

Date Feb, 2020
Type Mobile Game, UX design,


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